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CHSP vs Home Care Package funding

The good news for ageing Australians is that there are several funding schemes set up to support them to remain well and living independently at home as they grow older. And despite common misconceptions, things don’t need to be at crisis point before help is available. This article compares the Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Care Package scheme to explain the differences and how much funding is available.

Age Up wins Alice Anderson Funding

Age Up Health has secured investment from LaunchVic’s Alice Anderson Fund as one of a rare breed of female-only Founded companies in Australia. Age Up's sucess is rarer again as a start-up that has gone from strength-to-strength since launching in March 2020 – despite sharing this moment with a global pandemic and serving an ageing demographic.

Breaking the Bias this International Women's Day 2022

Improving aged care means breaking down stereotypes and the limits of the past, which is why this International Women's Day, we talk to Age Up Founder and CEO Grace Petherick about her mission to revolutionise an industry – her way. Discover how she created change by bringing a different perspective to an industry almost unchanged for 100 years.  

Your Income vs a Home Care Package: Is it worth it to apply?

It surprises many to discover Home Care Packages are not means tested or only for pensioners. Discover at a glance how your income impacts the funds you could receive, what it’s worth to you – and if you should apply! This article breaks it down and crunches the numbers for you with some quick references and tools to help you make up your mind.

Why it's risky business to underestimate old people and tech

It would be easy to assume older people aren't keeping up with mobile technology. But the data tells a different story and businesses like Age Up health are embracing its potential to better service clients. Find out how simple tech like SMS messaging is changing the conversation and shifting what's possible in care services.

How Osteopathy can help you to fight off ageing

There are all kinds of ways that our bodies change as we grow older. And luckily, there are also all kinds of ways we can help extend our years of wellness and vitality. Osteopathy is one of those ways as a therapy that can be effective against a raft of physical changes. Treatments help with muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, healthy blood flow, postural balance, and pain management.Find out more ways it can help.

Why older people are at risk in the heat & what to do

Summer is here, and so too the is the extreme heat. For those aged 65+ this can be a serious problem as the temperatures soar. Understanding how to stay well and safe in the heat can be the difference between simply feeling hot and bothered, and more serious outcomes. Here we look at the risks, symptoms and how to stay safe.

When is the right time to get (or change) your Home Care Package?

Many people delay seeking home aged care support until they have a serious incident. In other cases, it may be friends or family networks struggling, but they delay seeking help until burnout has well and truly set in. Planning ahead and knowing the signs to look out for can save families a lot of time, money and stress when they need it most! So when is the right time? 

Self-managed vs Home Care provider: which is best for you?

Home Care Packages are not one-size-fits-all. Different people have different needs, goals and living situations. Which is why Home Care Packages can be managed in two different ways: independently or by a Home Care Provider. Knowing which one is best can be difficult as each one has benefits and drawbacks, so let's walk through both options.

OPAN Report shines light into how we can change aged care for ageing Australians

The National Older Person Advocacy Network (OPAN) has released the first definitive public annual report of its kind to shine a light on issues impacting ageing Australians within the aged care system. The results are telling and provide much-needed direction into how we can change aged care and the experience of our ageing Australians.

The latest on Home Care Packages – the good, the bad, and the waiting list!

The government announced further funding as part of its response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, including funding more Home Care Packages. The latest quarterly results are in, and we take a look at their score card.

Home Care Package levels: how they work and what's included

When starting out, most people simply want to understand what does life with a Home Care Package look like? To make it easier, we’ve broken  down the most common questions about Home Care Package levels and included examples of how some of our clients are using their Home Care Package on the various levels.

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