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 Care Coordinator Support 

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Aged Care services are much more involved than ever before.  From reporting and administration responsibilities, to working with families and providing support where needed, the role of the Care Coordinator is highly varied as well as challenging.  

At Age Up Health we understand and appreciate the expectations placed on you to know everything, often with little training and limitations on what you can actually do. Hence we want to support you in providing the best services possible, to your clients. 

Realising that there are times when you need support immediately we are positioned to provide access to registered nurses and other health professionals.  This is so you can continue the quality of care to your clients and know, with confidence we are by your side.  We are only a phone call away. 

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“Age Up Health is an exceptional provider that has offered respectful and personalised support for a young NDIS funded participant with dementia.  Age Up makes everything easy, especially when the family members have no capacity to engage.  Age Up will update care plans, give regular feedback about their progress and additional needs for the holistic care of the participant such as supplies, diet, allied health support etc.  Their top three qualities: Highly responsive, adaptive and trustworthy.”

- Mia
Support Coordination and Case Management, VIC State-wide

Aged Care shouldn’t be something that you have to adjust to...it should be something that adjusts itself to support you

With flexible services to meet you at your needs you deserve to live with Quality, Independence and lifestyle. Contact us and your personal Care Coordinator can visit you at your home to discuss your options at no cost to you.

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