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Home Care Package levels: How they work and what’s included?

When first looking into aged care services to support independent living at home, most will soon discover the term ‘Home Care Package’ – and next, ‘Home Care Package Level’.

It refers to government funding available to those who prefer to remain at home as support needs increase, rather than enter a residential care facility. However, while affordable individual support at home is preferable for most, gaining access to a Home Care Package is less than straight forward and it can leave people with more questions than answers:

What does a Level 2 Home Care Package include?  What can I use my Home Care Package funding for? How many hours of care would I get on a Level 3 Home Care Package?

When starting out, most people we speak with, simply want to understand what does life with a Home Care Package look like? To make it easier, we’ve broken it down to answer the most common questions:

  • How Home Care Package Funding works for each level
  • What clients use their various Home Care Package level funding for
  • How to get started using a Home Care Package

How Home Care Package Funding works

Once you’ve paid your Home Care Package Provider fees, you can spend your funds as you wish. You can pay for anything directly related to your care and wellness that’s not already covered by Medicare/Centrelink.

Your available funds will depend on your Home Care Package level, but they will also be impacted by what your provider charges in fees and what type of services you choose.

For example, Allied Health services such as podiatry or osteotherapy are more expensive than getting help to do shopping and errands. Or perhaps you need to install bathroom modifications for safety, which are charged according to cost of materials and building costs.

Your Care Manager will help you put the plan together that is right for you, to help you get the most out of your Home Care Package. 

Examples of life at home using various Home Care Package Levels

To better understand what life at home looks like with a Home Care Package, here’s some examples of how our clients use their funding:

HCP Level
Using Home Care Package for

Average care/mth

Jiang, 93


Jiang enjoys his close family, but their busy schedules mean he needs extra help with daily medications, personal care and running errands, while regular osteotherapy helps with balance and strengthening.



Level 3

  • Help with medications
  • Hygiene & personal care
  • Errands & cleaning
  • Osteopathy





Elaine, 68

Retired engineer


Elaine has lots of personal interests and is very social, but arthritis is making certain tasks more difficult at home.



  • Gardener
  • Cleaner
  • Shopping assistance




James, 91


Anne, 87

Former teacher



James has been looking after his wife Anne with the help of a Level 2 Home Care Package. He was also recently approved for a Level 2 Home Care Package. He has frequent skin cancer removal, which means his wife needs extra help when he is in hospital.



Level 2s

  • Cleaning, laundry & chores
  • Meals assistance
  • Gardening & home upkeep





Setting up and getting started with your Home Care Package

Once you’ve chosen a provider, your care team will work with you to ensure you have the right mix of support and services. At Age Up, our process is straight-forward.

Step 1 Care Plan

The first step is creating a care plan with your Care Manager. Together, you’ll discuss your goals, and they will help advise you about the right mix of services likely to suit you, based on your preferences and requirements. The good news is that your Home Care Package is very flexible, so with the right provider, you’ll be able to make changes whenever you need. (Be sure to ask any provider your choose about service restrictions or change limits.)

Step 2 Service coordination

Next, you’re care team will begin coordinating the support and services you’ve mapped out in your care plan.

Your Care Manager will be your point of contact for reviewing your care, managing service requests and helping with budgeting and funds management.

Your Care Companion will be there each day you’ve organised to have help. At Age Up, that’s the same friendly faces each shift, matched to you based on your personality, preferences and location.

Step 3 Reviews & check-ins

You should also have regular contact with your Care Manager to check in with you, and in response to any requests you have. Your care plan will also be formally reviewed at regular intervals to ensure any changes to your health or wellbeing can be adjusted for. Should you need it, your Care Manager can also help you apply for a higher Home Care Package Level.

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