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 How to Apply 

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If you are starting out on your Home Care journey, there are a few simple steps you will need to know:

 Step 1 

Determine what Home Care Services you will need to keep you safe in your home

There are a few options available to you when considering home care assistance, and this will depend on your lifestyle, health and wellbeing.  

Are you looking for some help with day to day tasks around the house? Maybe you need respite care while your family or support worker is away? Or perhaps you need personal care assistance on a daily basis?  There are many services that can help you maintain independent living, so you can live your best life. 

My Aged Care has a lot of valuable information and the My Aged Care portal is there to guide you through the assessment.  For more information please Read More

 Step 2 

Have an Assessment to see what if you are eligible to receive those services

This usually involves a 2 part assessment process that understands your needs and what services could help you. This can be done online or over the phone follow up with an in-home visit.  

With Age Up Health, we are able to make a referral for assessment on your behalf or contact My Aged Care directly.  If you would like Age Up Health to be your service provider, you can include this in your assessment request.  This means we will be notified when your package becomes available and can help you organise your next steps. 

My Aged Care will contact you to advise of your assessment date.  We suggest you note what services you think you will need, ensuring you cover everything during your assessment.  The Assessor will come to you in your home, so you won’t need to go anywhere. For more information on assessments and documents to have ready, please Read More

 Step 3 

Finding the right Provider to support you with your home care needs

After your assessment, My Aged Care will send you a letter detailing the outcome, advising you if you are eligible for a funding package, and which level of funding you are eligible for – basic, low-level, intermediate or high-level. 

If you are eligible, you’ll be placed on a national waiting list, and they’ll let you know when your package becomes available. If you have Age Up Health as your preferred provider, we will call you and can help you with the next steps. If you require private funding, while waiting for your package, we can work out how to cover the gap, or see if there are any short-term government funding options available for you. 

You’ll also get a ‘Readiness Letter’ from My Aged Care about 3 months before your package commences, which includes some important paperwork for you to review.

 Step 4 

Home Care Package Allocation

This means you are now covered.  You will receive another letter from My Aged Care outlining the home care package that has been assigned to you.  

Once contacted, Age Up Health can organise a meeting with one of our Support Workers - Care Coordinators’ to work out which of our services are right for you.  Together you can prepare which home care assistance suits your lifestyle and needs. 

If however, you’re unsure if we’re the right provider for you, that’s okay.  You have 56 days from the date you receive your letter to choose a care provider, and a further 28 day extension is available if you need more time to consider your steps.

"Grace came to Mum and Dad's house and set them up straight away, then Jo was there the next day.  It was incredible and really easy!"

- Rose

Aged Care shouldn’t be something that you have to adjust to...it should be something that adjusts itself to support you

With flexible services to meet you at your needs you deserve to live with Quality, Independence and lifestyle. Contact us and your personal Care Coordinator can visit you at your home to discuss your options at no cost to you.

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