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New to Home
Care Packages?

This Free 1.5hr information session is for anyone wanting to learn about Home Care Packages, and how to navigate the government funding scheme more easily! 

Fun, relaxed & straight-forward

Perfect for retirement villages, groups and organisations wanting to learn more about Home Care Packages.

This 1.5hr free seminar provides simple, straight-forward information on accessing a Home Care Package, covering key topics including:

  • Who is eligible
  • How to apply
  • What the assessor looks for
  • Funding levels
  • Tips on how to compare providers
  • What to look out for; and
  • Surprising ways you can spend Home Care Package

A Q&A session completes the seminar to allow attendees to ask any general or specific questions relating to individual circumstances. And we always stay for a coffee and a chat!

Call or email to book

1300 254 326

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Step 1

Contact us

Call or email us to discuss when and where you'd like us hold a seminar for your group, and we'll coordinate the details. 

T  1300 254 326
E  info@ageuphealth.com.au


Step 2

Host seminar

The time is flexible to give and your group plenty of time to ask questions throughout the presentation - and for one-on-one time at the end if you need it.


Step 3 

Takeaway info

Leave with a Free Beginner's Guide to Home Care Packages and other useful fact sheets for your reference - or to share with friends or family.

Common questions

Which groups can book a free seminar?

Any group interested in learning about Home Care Packages is welcome to book a session, whether you are part of the local community group, retirement village or even just a group of friends keen to know more. 

Do we need to have a Home Care Package allocated before we book?

No, we are happy to talk to groups at any stage of the Home Care Package journey, whether you are in the early stages of learning or further along and wanting to understand how to choose a provider.

Does my group need to be eligible for a Home Care Package?

We talk to groups that are likely eligible. That includes anyone aged 65+ and starting to need extra help at home, or 50+ for those Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that are needing support.

Is there any costs or fees to book a seminar?

No, it is completely free! We'll simply need you to gather your group and provide us with a space that has a large screen for us to present.

Do we need to sign our Home Care Package with you?

No, you are free to research all your options, and decide what is best for you.


Grace Petherick

Age Up Health CEO & Founder

Global experience in service industries and the shock of accessing aged care for her grandparents sparked Grace Petherick‚Äôs passion to change the experience of aged care for Australians.

"I became involved with the age care industry when my grandparents needed help around the house.  They registered with a large aged care provider and were treated appallingly.  My grandparents were forced to make large out-of-pocket purchases for essential home alterations and then had to wait months before they were reimbursed. No one returned their calls or checked in on them, and they were often refused requests for help. 

Having worked in VIP and corporate services and then consulting, positive customer experience had been central to all our business activities.  I realised what my grandparents had suffered was unacceptable, so I decided to find out everything I could about the Aged Care sector. I reached out to all sorts of people who had experience in health, disability, aged care and business. Armed with information and all my savings, Age Up Health was formed.

Today, with support from incredible partners and the brightest and best talent in our sector, I see my vision coming to life every day.

What people are saying

I never even knew Home Care Packages existed until Grace came to tell us about them. 
Barbara Attendee

Great overview, it was really easy to understand. I went with my mum and she felt really positive about it! 
Ishaan Attendee

Definitely worth attending if you're new. Much clearer than the government information I had been reading. 
William Attendee

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