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We’re #BreakingTheBias this International Women’s Day 2022


Age Up Founder & CEO
Grace Petherick

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Improving aged care means breaking down stereotypes and the limits of the past, which is why this International Women's Day, we talk to Age Up Founder and CEO Grace Petherick about her mission to revolutionise an industry – her way.

Female Founders remain a stubbornly rare breed in Australia. While the wider conversation about equity would tell us we’ve made progress, the data reveals investment into women leaders is lagging, and it comes at a cost.

Recent Australian research into more than 4,000 companies showed just 4.4% of the private investment purse goes to solely female-founded companies, and only a third to companies with founders of mixed gender.

It’s why, at Age Up, we can’t help but join in with this year International Women’s Day to #BreakTheBias.

Led by our sole Founder and CEO Grace Petherick, our own success story is a celebration of female leadership and shaking up more 100 years of staid thinking and unchanged service standards in our sector.

The passion to revolutionise aged care in Australia was first born out of personal experience when witnessing her grandparents seek aged care support at home. But despite years of global industry and corporate VIP service experience – Grace’s start up journey was made tougher because of gender.

“My first investor meeting began with my so-called lead representative making a sexual joke! In another meeting, he berated me about not knowing my market well enough,” she explained.

“In seeking mentorship, I was told I had bit off more than I could chew. I had others explain profit and loss to me. And there’s been other first-hand experiences where I was underestimated by traditionalists.”

But the results of Grace’s vision tells a different story. Year one, Age Up grew 2,000% and month-on-month revenue growth has remained strong at 50% on average over the past 12 months.

Breaking the Bias has been at the heart of that success.

“It’s not just pushing through outdated views about women in business, there are also so many stereotypes about aged care and the value we place on care work in general, which is still a female-dominated sector,” Grace continues.

“To change the sub-standard outcomes revealed by last year’s Royal Commission into Aged Care Report, we need to Break the Bias on so many fronts.

“We need to value an entire generation of people more, and value the work of those that support them to continue to live well as they age.

“We need to be innovative about how we solve the challenge of our wider ageing population and go beyond traditional thinking and old-fashioned views that limit what’s possible in servicing this group of people.”

Age Up Health’s mission remains delivering global innovation in the aged care sector, so that everyone over the age over 65 is empowered to live their best life, whatever that looks like to them.

“To build the future on what we’ve known in the past, simply won’t meet the needs and challenges of this generation. Not in my sector, not generally.


“At Age Up, we do so many things to redefine what ageing Australians can expect from accessing support services in their homes, and that only comes from breaking down stereotypes and the limits of the past.

“So, at Age Up we’re celebrating this International Women’s Day, and the potential for change when communities invest in more diverse perspectives and finally Break the Bias!”


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