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Surprising ways you can use your Home Care Package funding

Everyone will tell you that your Home Care Package can help pay for a cleaner, a gardener, or to get help with meals and for supporting your health needs.

It’s true, these are commonly needed and they’re important for an increasing number of people choosing to stay at home and live independently, rather than enter an aged care facility.

Home Care Packages aim to keep people well and living independently, even as care and health needs become increasingly complex.But with a little knowledge and creativity, your Home Care Package can offer you so much more.

Our care managers always enjoy telling clients with particular needs about some of the more unexpected choices available. So, here we’ve pulled together some of our favourite and Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Home Care Package funding.

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Raise up garden beds

Avid gardeners finding mobility and bending more difficult can use their Home Care Package to have garden beds raised and keep a life-long love of gardening alive.

Hire a scooter

If the idea of getting out more often appeals but walking a distance has become increasingly challenging, you can hire a scooter using your Home Care Package, rather than invest in the purchase of one.

Try acupuncture or cannabis oil for pain

If you have persistent pain and traditional pain relief methods aren’t helping, you can purchase some types of alternative therapies with your Home Care Package, such as acupuncture.

Join osteo-aerobics

Attending group wellness activities like an osteotherapy based exercise class ticks two boxes, as it helps improve health and keeps you connected to social networks, which is what your Home Care Package is for.

Take the pressure down

A pressure relieving mattress may be money well spent from your Home Care Package, if a health event is leading to longer hours in bed. They don’t only increase comfort but can help avoid sores and skin problems.

Get smart tech

There are an increasing number of gadgets available such as home sensors and wearable devices that help monitor activity and send alerts in case of an event.

Have a home medication review

Have a pharmacist come to your home and help you review your medications. They can help you make more informed decisions about whether your medications are all still necessary, and any potential side effects.

Have your dog walked

If your pooch now has more energy than you and walking distances is more difficult, your care companion can walk your dog. They can also help with brushing or feeding your furry friend to help with everyone’s wellbeing.

Try adaptive clothing

When mobility issues are limiting your range of movement, there is special clothing available to help make dressing easier. It looks like ordinary clothes but opens up in different ways for easy dressing and undressing (buttonless etc).

Add supplements to boost health

If keeping on top of nutrition is challenging at times, you may choose to add nutritional supplements to improve your overall health, or for help with maintaining weight or to boost your immunity.

Fact sheet

Surprising ways you can use your Home Care Package funding 

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Everyone will tell you that you can get a cleaner or a gardener. But with a bit of knowledge, your Home Care Package can provide you with so much more!  Discover.

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