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What can Home Care Package funds be used for? 


Understanding how you can use Home Care Package funding is one of the most important aspects of remaining at home and living well and independently.

The good news is that the Home Care Package program is designed as a consumer directed care model, which means you and loved ones get to:

  • Set out your care goals and needs
  • Choose who will provide your services
  • Create a care plan with your provider and review it regularly to ensure it continues to meet your needs
  • Get monthly statements to view how your funds are being spent

While some providers may attempt to limit service options, Home Care Packages are intended to give you choice and flexibility, to get the support you need.

A good care manager will help you get the most from your package, but in general you can spend it on anything directly related to your wellness and health that isn’t already funded otherwise, such as Medicare. Services are generally broken in into three categories, with a range of choices available within each, depending on your goals and needs.


Social connection

Home safety & support

Health management 

  • Group activities
  • Fitness & wellness
  • Shopping assistance
  • Companionship & help arranging visitors
  • Transport services to attend social events
  • Help with meal preparation
  • Cleaning, laundry & daily chores
  • Home modifications
  • Hygiene & personal care
  • Gardening & home maintenance
  • Respite at home
  • Help with medications & wound care
  • Allied health, such as podiatry, osteotherapy, occupational therapy
  • Vision & hearing services
  • Dementia care
  • Pain Management

While the list above is a great overview of what Home Care Package funds can be used for, there’s scope for a lot more if you plan well.

For example, if you’re set to have a medical procedure that could limit walking temporarily, you may choose to set funds aside to hire a mobility scooter for a period.

Or if you’ve become concerned about safety at home, you may choose to add a video doorbell or have smart alerts installed that can let someone know if you’ve had a fall.

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There is a huge amount of choice in how you spend your Home Care Package, however there are also some limits.

Items that you’d normally purchase out of general income, such as groceries or paying for you rent, cannot come out of your Home Care Package funds.

Plane tickets, gifts for family, gambling activities or paying to attend your favourite sporting event are other examples of purchases not directly related to your care – and therefore, not on the list of approved items.

Understanding that you and your family are in the drivers’ seat often provides a greater sense of certainty. Working closely with your care manager will ensure you make the most of your Home Care Package to achieve your goals.

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