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 NDIS Health Support 

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Whether for yourself or for a loved one, navigating the health needs of our elderly can be complicated and frustrating.  From complex mental and cognitive conditions, to frequent hospital admissions and multiple health diagnoses, means support can be challenging.  

If you are having a little trouble with your usual, every day tasks and feel that some support could help improve your health and well-being, then NDIS could be right for you.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS exists to support Australians aged between 7 years and 65 years living with a disability.  The aim is to support people with a disability, with information and connections to services in their communities such as doctors, sporting clubs, support groups, libraries and even, schools.  Fundamentally, it supports people to remain living in the community or other settings that are suitable for their age. 

NDIS is recommended for those requiring an occasional or lower level of support and services. There are four levels of funding: 

The intention of NDIS is to support and maintain your independence rather than doing it for you.

Check out the NDIS website for more information:
  NDIS Website  NDIS Website 

At Age Up Health we only provide services for older people, so it's something we do very well.  Our specialised staff are equipped to provide the very best care, catering especially for those clients with complex health conditions such as dementia, Parkinson's, diabetes, mental health as well as social or family complexities. 

Our dedicated care teams are lead by a nurse who is experienced in supporting older people in the community.  Your nurse can manage all aspects of your care, including staffing, reporting and liaising with hospitals and other health professionals. 

To be eligible for NDIS funding support, the options available to you depend on your situation.

  • If you started receiving NDIS services before turning 65, you can continue to receive services through them once you cross 65
  • If you were over 65 years of age when the NDIS was rolled out in your area, you may have been accepted into the Continuity of Support (CoS) programme

Note: The CoS programme is no longer open to new clients.

  • If you are beginning to look for disability services and support, you can apply for an assessment through My Aged Care,  Your assessment will identify what government-funded services you may be eligible for

    To check if you meet the requirements for an assessment - Read More -

    Joyce is perfect... We talked a lot on her first visit, and I even showed her where the cups and tea and coffee things were: I don't show anybody that! But seriously, I am very happy!"

    - Ron

    Aged Care shouldn’t be something that you have to adjust to...it should be something that adjusts itself to support you

    With flexible services to meet you at your needs you deserve to live with Quality, Independence and lifestyle. Contact us and your personal Care Coordinator can visit you at your home to discuss your options at no cost to you.

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