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 Preventative Health Care Plan 

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At Age Up Health we're turning 'getting old' on its head so you can live a healthier and happier life.  Why? Because how you age is less about your genes and more about the actions you take in your life.  

All Power To You! program focuses on pro-action and prevention, supporting you to preserve and enhance your well-being and independence.  With three main components you can tailor the program to your individual lifestyle needs. We want to help you get back in control and future-proof yourself.  So take the leap and - All Power To You!

What we can assist you with today:


A tailored exercise regime designed by the Allied Health team to get you mobile and moving with confidence.  There are two options available to you: 

  • One on One Sessions: Individual to you these sessions support your physical independence, increase mobility, balance and strength
  • Group Sessions: Have fun, practise the exercises, get stronger and more agile, while working out with others.

Enjoy Life to the fullest - All Power To You!


A healthy body and mind requires fresh, wholesome and nourishing food.  Imagine the positive impacts you will experience when food not only looks great, but taste incredible and prepared by us. 

If you're seeking ways to be and live healthy, but don't have the opportunity to prepare your meals, we make it simple for you. 
We have a wide selection of options available to you, with the expertise to help you on your way. 

Enjoy Life to the fullest - All Power To You!


Being part of a community is equally important.  It provides an opportunity to share experiences, laugh out loud and enjoy life.  

Join like-hearted peers who thrive on social engagement, learning new skills and sharing their skills and expertise with others.

With so much to share, we can connect with you ease for regular conversations and community.

Enjoy Life to the fullest - All Power To You!

Our Medical Support Team 

Need medical assistance and support?  At Age Up Health we have access to a wide range of health care professionals, aiming to keep you fit, happy and healthy, long into your future.



Dietetics and Nutrition


Occupational Therapy




Remedial Massage

Speech Therapy

Alongside these services, you also have the ability to choose your Care Companion, who will be matched based on compatibility and personality matching techniques. You control the frequency of the support you need, whether it's daily, weekly or for a specific time frame. With the right in-home care service, you can maintain your independence and your health.

Professional, friendly, knowledgeable with such a willingness to help.  There was no fuss, they just got on with the job at hand.”


Aged Care shouldn’t be something that you have to adjust to...it should be something that adjusts itself to support you

With flexible services to meet your needs, you deserve to live with Quality, Independence and lifestyle. Contact us and your personal Care Coordinator can visit you at your home to discuss your options at no cost to you.

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