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Our personalised guide to Caring and Supporting a Loved One with Dementia

Written through the eyes of a loving granddaughter, "How to care and manage a loved one with Dementia", is designed to provide helpful hints and ideas to help you, support your loved one, with confidence.  If you have recently started to care for a loved one with Dementia or know of someone who is needing support, fill in the form below to instantly access and download this e-book. 

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Caring for a loved one with dementia is a journey. The time, expertise and care needed to maintain their quality of life can change over time.  Working out their dementia care plan can be a difficult task to tackle alone and when combined with ongoing care, caring for a Loved one with dementia at home, can be challenging. 

With Age Up Health, our care coordinators and skilled dementia care staff will work with you, through the challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia.  To better support you, our person-centric care plan provides in-home care services that are flexible, holistic, and tailored to your needs. Whether it is maintaining you and your loved one’s meaningful activities, or initiating ways to provide you with compassionate support, we will be there with you, every step of the way.

Support With Dementia Care

To encourage you to take part in social and community activities that promote and protect your lifestyle, interests and well being.

Providing you with day-to-day care including meal preparation, household tasks, washing and dressing, grocery shopping, exercise, etc. 

Monitoring your health on a regular basis including medication consumption, pulse check, height and weight check, etc.

Administrative care including managing your finances, helping you to pay the bills, assisting you in making appointments, etc. 

Outdoor care including driving you to and from appointments, outdoor activities and hobbies, shopping, etc

Continence care

Socialising and enjoying entertainment activities with you

Alongside these services, you also have the ability to choose your Care Companion, who will be matched-based on compatibility and personality. You control the frequency of the support you need, whether it's daily, weekly or for a specific time frame. With the right in-home care service, you can maintain your independence and your health.

Advice for Dementia Care

To get you out and about to appointments and community activities.

Help you to establish routines, identify your needs, etc.

Creating your personalised care plan, with strategies to address your needs

Finding ways for you to continue your interests and hobbies with dementia care

Help you to find ways to modify your home environment to better accommodate dementia care

Identifying methods of integration for your specialist at-home services, alternative therapies, and respite and palliative care needs

Identifying ways that dementia care staff can be involved in helping you

Implementing changes to your care plan as needed, and communicating changes to dementia care staff

Aged Care shouldn’t be something that you have to adjust to...it should be something that adjusts itself to support you

With flexible services to meet your needs, you deserve to live with Quality, Independence and lifestyle. Contact us and your personal Care Coordinator can visit you at your home to discuss your options at no cost to you..

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“I love that Age Up Health is so committed to looking at the person as an individual (and not the same as the last person or the next).  I love the flexibility of services and supports they provide so that they are able to care for a person over time in a way that meets their needs and hopes and reduces their anxieties.  The person-centred guidance and the care advice they provide is so important and I think Age Up Health offers this to give people the best outcomes.  What a great company.”

- Karen 

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